Theaters Cancel Moore’s Trump-Bashing Movie ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Due To His ‘Sick Secret’

Michael Moore really thought he was making his big comeback with Fahrenheit 11/9, a film that Moore claimed would “end President Donald Trump.”  Moore’s early fame came from Fahrenheit 9/11 about the September 11th terrorist attacks, and immediately after Trump won, he started filming this bash-fest Fahrenheit 11/9, which is now ready for release. However, theaters are so disgusted by Moore’s “sick secret” that they have completely nixed releasing the movie, leaving the big leftist loser crying like a baby.

Michael Moore is freaking out, reportedly having “temper tantrums” after getting the bad news that his latest attempt to “end Trump” is going down the drain. Moore has been tight-lipped about his new film, Fahrenheit 11/9, which refers to November 9th, 2016, the day after the presidential election — one of the worst days of their lives for losers like Moore.

American patriots who had suffered for eight long years with Barack Obama think of 11/9 as a second “Independence Day,” but for the leftists, it was a rude awakening that they no longer held all the power. Moore vowed to make Fahrenheit 11/9 a weapon to take out Trump. The LA Times reports that, back in May, Moore said, “No matter what you throw at him [Trump], it hasn’t worked. No matter what is revealed, he remains standing. Facts, reality, brains cannot defeat him. Even when he commits a self-inflicted wound, he gets up the next morning and keeps going and tweeting.”

Moore continued, “That all ends with this movie.” Then disaster struck for the liberal mouthpiece, as theaters drew a line in the sand after Moore’s sick secret did him in. Moore’s movie was completely funded by Harvey Weinstein. Not only that, but it’s tied up with the Weinstein Company, and no theater is going to touch it. As The Daily Caller reports, “The fate of several films by some of the Hollywood’s most radical movie producers is in doubt following the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, as funds and talent leave his Weinstein Company.”

Moore’s movie was scheduled to have a worldwide theatrical release next month, but Deadline/Hollywood reports if it’s released at all, it might face a limited theatrical release, which means it’s being treated like the sequel to a bad slasher movie. Moore’s Trump-bashing fest is over.
Oh, the drama, Moore vowing to destroy Trump, rolling out twisted facts and old fake news the Clinton campaign used, so what else could be in a Moore documentary about Trump’s victory? We will never know because Michael Moore chose to do business with a sexual predator, and the hefty Hollywood movie maker surely knew what a slimeball Weinstein was.
The Daily Caller further reports,”The Weinstein Company bought the worldwide rights for the anti-Trump film under their Fellowship Adventure Group and they were to bankroll the launch. Those funds now appear to be in doubt.”
Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who co-owned the 2004 documentary, have revered Moore for the last decade. The Weinsteins were such fervent supporters of Moore’s new anti-Trump documentary, they proudly told Hollywood last spring when they announced the anti-Trump doc, “There is no greater part of what we can do right now than to have the power to bring Michael Moore to a mass audience,” according to Variety.
Moore has been working with Weinstein for years. It was the Weinsteins who made Moore “famous” by funding his earlier films, so Moore can have all the temper tantrums he wants. He always acts like he takes the moral high ground, but all the while, a sexual predator was paying his bills. Moore sold his soul to the highest bidder, an evil man who harmed young women for decades while the Hollywood crowd sat back and let it go on. Hollywood is a huge cesspool of sin and debauchery, where real evil dwells under all the glitz and glamor. Let Moore’s film rot, it’s just a pack of lies made by evil men.
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