SPECIAL REPORT: Justice Neil Gorsuch Triggered A Complete Leftist Meltdown

Just a couple of months into his U.S. Supreme Court lifelong term on the, Justice Neil Gorsuch started to give the left fits.
Senate Democrats are attacking the new justice which proves how the court has changed– or hasn’t changed– to the right after Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.
We cannot exactly say what they had in mind, but they’re only fuming that Gorsuch would carry on with the same conservative principles as Scalia, as guaranteed by President Donald Trump.

The Democrats in Senate – all of the Judiciary Committee members – whine about the fact that “we’ve got another Scalia,” as ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, stated.
A few of the positions Gorsuch has occupied that have angered leftists:
Gorsuch publicly disagreed with his colleagues’ decision to pass up a challenge to the McCain-Feingold law’s ban on so-called soft money. He dissented from a ruling enforcing same-sex couple’s rights to have their names on their children’s birth certificates. He lamented the court’s refusal to hear a case about the right to carry a weapon in public. He took a strong stand in favor of churches’ right to public subsidies. And he signed an opinion saying he would have allowed President Donald Trump’s travel ban to go into effect now, in full.
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, did an “I-Told-You-So”, claiming he saw Gorsuch as a “tool of the creepy billionaire coalition,” whatever that may be.

“It sure looks like I was right,” Whitehouse told Politico. “It’s too early to draw any final conclusions, but the early signals are ominous about him being the tool of the creepy billionaire coalition.”
Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who worked as a clerk for Justice Harry Blackmun, argued Gorsuch had displayed little of his boasted independent streak.

“In a way, I’m surprised that he hasn’t demonstrated more independence,” he said to Politico. “I am surprised because in his demeanor and his tone he really made a huge effort to show his openness — which some of us thought might be more an act than it was a real persona.”
It’s not only the Democratic Senators that are afraid of Gorsuch. Leftist are identically whiny regarding the new justice.
In an article titled “Neil Gorsuch Is The Anti-LGBTQ Nightmare His Gay Friends Hoped He Wasn’t,” the HuffPo informed that the whole civilized world will come crashing down now that Gorsuch sat on the bench.
Mark Joseph Stein states that Gorsuch is an “unmitigated disaster for the progressive constitutional project.”
“Gorsuch is the worst kind of justice. He is a reactionary who dresses up his cruel, antediluvian views in folksy charm; who professes restraint while espousing extreme, sweeping views; who has no sympathy for vulnerable minorities but believes Christians are being oppressed. And he will guide the course of the law for the next 30 years or more. He is a catastrophe for proponents of civil rights and equal justice. And his influence over the court only stands to grow.


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