Rep. Frederica Wilson Says Trump Insulted Military Widow, Then Her ‘Sick Secret’ Comes Out

Earlier this week, Rep. Frederica Wilson, a little-known congresswoman from Florida, bought herself some publicity at the expense of a military family in mourning. Wilson told the press that President Donald Trump had insulted the widow of a soldier recently killed overseas, and the media had a field day. However, the congresswoman was hiding a “sick secret” of her own, and it has now been exposed.

According to American News, Rep. Frederica Wilson was riding in a car with Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, when a call from President Donald Trump came in. Johnson was one of the four Special Forces soldiers who was killed in Niger earlier this month by Islamic militants, and President Trump was calling to offer his condolences to the fallen soldier’s grieving wife.

Instead of giving President Trump and Mrs. Johnson the privacy they deserved for the deeply personal call, Rep. Wilson showed absolutely zero class by listening in on the phone call. Afterwards, she told reporters that Trump said Sgt. Johnson “knew what he signed up for … but when it happens, it hurts anyway.”
The congresswoman called this remark “so insensitive,” igniting a media firestorm that has dominated the news cycle for the majority of the past week. Those Democrats never let a good tragedy go to waste, do they?
The thing about the spotlight is that, inevitably, the skeletons in your closet get exposed for the world to see. It’s the price you pay for your fifteen minutes of fame.
As it turns out, Rep. Frederica Wilson has a few skeletons of her own, and they’re quite ironic, considering the fact that she’s made a name for herself by alleging that President Donald Trump insulted a military widow. Apparently, Wilson has been no friend to the military in the past, despite what she’d have you believe after seemingly coming to the defense of Myeshia Johnson.
Rep. Frederica Wilson wouldn’t be the first Democrat to support the military when it is politically expedient but cast a vote that will make the lives of soldiers and their families more difficult behind closed doors. However, the fact that the Florida congresswoman has used the grieving widow of a man killed in the line of duty to prop herself up is absolutely sick.
It takes some nerve to take advantage of a woman who just lost the love of her life and is now coming to terms with the fact that she will have to raise their three children on her own. I’d sure like to know how Rep. Frederica Wilson sleeps at night.


  1. Typical Democrat, use anything to these political whores to make themselves look good


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