Racist Liberal Brags About Illegal Alien Dad, Hears 3 Words That Wipe Grin Off Her Face

When an anchor baby announced her attendance at Yale University on the taxpayer’s dime, she decided to rub it in the faces of hard-working Americans by adding that her father is an illegal alien and a welfare leech. However, soon after her smug confession, she heard 3 simple words that immediately wiped the privileged grin off her face.

After bragging about her illegal alien father, Melecio Andazola-Morales (right), Viviana Andazola-Marquez (left) received a rude awakening. (Photo credit: Viviana Andazola Marquez/Facebook, Melecio Andazola/Facebook)
As the left further promotes and enables lawlessness and amorality, criminals come out of the woodwork to brazenly publicize their villainy without fear of justice. Unfortunately, 8 years under Barack Obama allowed this liberal iniquity to fester with his promises to protect those who despise our nation’s laws and values in exchange for their party loyalty. Now that President Donald Trump has begun cracking down on this anarchy, offenders are beginning to realize that their pilfered privileges are finally in jeopardy.
When second-generation illegal immigrant Viviana Andazola-Marquez was accepted to Yale University in 2014, her privileged status had ultimately peaked. Knowing that she was virtually untouchable thanks to the left’s safeguarding of illegals, Viviana was praised in an op-ed in the New York Times in which she unabashedly boasted of how her father had illegally entered the U.S. as an “undocumented person” who flagrantly used taxpayers for his own lawless lifestyle. Unfortunately, she must’ve forgotten that Obama isn’t in office anymore to thwart authorities from upholding U.S. law.
After bragging about her privilege as the daughter of an illegal alien who leeched off taxpayers for decades, the 21-year-old Yalie was informed that authorities had tracked down her fugitive father and were deporting him for an “order of exclusion” that was filed against Melecio Andazola-Moralesin 1997 after he had repeatedly illegally entered the U.S., according to The Daily Caller.
“This month my father and I drove to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Centennial, Colo., for a routine visit. I offered to drive because my dad was too nervous and excited to take the wheel. ‘How long have we waited for this day?’ he asked me. He had been told to come in for a final interview before he could get approved for legal permanent residency,” she wrote for the New York Times in yet another op-ed. “But the meeting turned into a nightmare. Several hours after we arrived, I found myself alone, in disbelief. My dad had been detained and was facing deportation proceedings.”
While trying to make herself and her criminal father seem like victims, Viviana lamented that she “accidentally got her illegal alien father detained” when she went with him to try to help him manipulate our justice system. Viviana escorted Melecio to a hasty interview with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, believing they could obtain a green card after he had squatted illegally in the U.S. since 1988. Their plan to cheat the legal system ultimately failed when her father’s attorney interrupted the meeting to tell them that because of his criminal history, he would not only be denied a green card but extradited in accordance with the 20-year-old order of exclusion.
“My dad wanted to follow the rules. He has been trying to adjust his status with the help of relatives since 2001. We filed the correct paperwork, paid the fees and lined up all his references, only for my dad to be dragged out of a little office and locked up. ICE could have chosen to grant my dad his residency, per the suggestion of our immigration officer. Instead, my father, a man who has filed his taxes every year, has no criminal record and is the sole provider for four children, wasn’t even put out on monitor or bond. He is still being held in a detention center in Aurora, Colo., and is awaiting deportation proceedings unless ICE grants him the cancellation of his removal,” she wrote.
Of course, Viviana lied about her father’s “criminal record” in order to paint him as a victim of Trump’s allegedly racist and tyrannical reign. What she cleverly omits is that her father was already deported once in 1998 only for him to once again illegally enter the U.S. undetected and live on taxpayer-funded benefits, which provided a privileged path for her free ride to an Ivy League school.
The truth is that Melecio didn’t want to “follow the rules,” as Viviana claims. In fact, he defied and broke U.S. laws time and time again. However, the most infuriating aspect of Melecio’s lengthy illegal residence in the U.S. is summed up by Viviana’s description of his and her family’s “struggle and oppression.”
“My father is undocumented but has lived in the United States since 1998. He has raised four children, all American citizens, on income from construction work. He pays his taxes and plays by the rules. He himself has been a perfect citizen — although, of course, he can’t call himself that,” she wrote. “Regardless of his status, he has earned the right to work hard without the constant anxiety of being apprehended. His children — of whom I am the oldest — deserve that peace of mind too.”
While she and her family take advantage of burdened taxpayers, flout our nation’s laws, and mock immigrants who admirably go through the citizenship process legally, Viviana also expresses a racist mentality about the white Americans from which her family sponges.
“Unlearning oppressive ideology and behavior is a responsibility that must be assumed by everyone, especially those whose existence is not threatened by the recent displays of white extremism. Someone did the labor of compiling this list of helpful reads that can assist in the unlearning process, and now it’s up to you to critically engage with these texts and ask yourself why you have not been more engaged, and why you continue to be silent,” she wrote on Facebook.
Viviana claims that her father has lived in the U.S. since 1998, despite his 2 prior illegal entries in 1988 and 1997. Additionally, her own confession that “he pays his taxes and plays by the rules” is spitting in the face of hard-working, tax-paying American citizens. While many Illegal aliens do not pay income tax, the ones who do actually pay far less than the average American citizens and obtain more in government benefits paid by and reserved for American citizens. The deficit illegal immigrants leave even after paying taxes is absolutely crippling.
In the least, Viviana’s public education alone has cost the taxpayers over $147,000 for grades first through twelveth and likely more than $65,000 per year at Yale. Of course, this lowball estimate doesn’t include healthcare, direct benefits, means-tested welfare benefits, or other public services that her struggling, low-income father-of-4 was granted, according to her tearful testimony. In fact, as of 2010, the average illegal immigrant household received $24,721 in government benefits and services.
If amnesty is granted as Viviana desires, her father alone would receive an additional $592,000 in government benefits over the course of his remaining life. Furthermore, the approximately 3.7 million illegal aliens living in the U.S., which is an unquestionably low figure, imposes a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year on taxpayers. Of course, after amnesty, this number would skyrocket.
Viviana wants her readers to believe that her father had no choice but to repeatedly break our nation’s laws and, at the same time, should be considered a legal citizen. She paints a blurry portrait that depicts her father as a victim when, in reality, he victimized taxpayers. Additionally, Viviana has adopted her father’s entitlement, believing whole-heartedly that she deserves special privilege, which undoubtedly includes minority scholarships, which aren’t available to but are ironically paid for by white legal citizens.
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