Punk Says He Wants President Dead, Shocked By Nasty Surprise Trump Sent To His Front Door

A Pennsylvania loud-mouth recently decided to air his ignorant opinion about President Donald Trump, saying that the Commander-in-Chief deserved a “bullet to the head.” Unfortunately for him, things would go horribly wrong – and the punk would later be left completely shocked by the nasty surprise Trump had personally sent to the man’s front door.

Luis E Molina Bermudez (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Facebook, The White House/Wikimedia Commons)
Adults with the mind of children are plaguing this country, and it’s doing some real damage. For some reason, far too many people in this nation believe every biased lie they’re told without a second thought, and they can’t control their emotions in a healthy and appropriate matter.
Proving that most recently was a man by the name of Luis E Molina Bermudez, who lives somewhere in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, area. While discussing the situation down in Puerto Rico with some people on social media, things apparently got a little heated, prompting the man to comment that President Trump deserved a bullet to his head.
Bermudez may have thought that he was fully covered by his First Amendment rights, but he couldn’t be more wrong, and nothing would prepare him for what happened next. Come to find out, Trump actually sent the man a nasty surprise – and even Bermudez was shocked at what showed up at his front door.
As one would imagine, the Secret Service learned about the punk’s comments after someone likely reported them as a threat and agents decided to swing out for a little visit. Being the entitled punk that he is, Bermudez decided to whip out his phone and record the entire ordeal in hopes of getting some attention for what he did.
Too bad for Bermudez, things didn’t exactly turn out how he’d hoped as he reportedly caught quite a bit of backlash as the video started to be shared around social media. As a result of the attention, he made his page private except for the video and a simple message to America reading, “lay off my page with hate,” which, mind you, doesn’t even make sense.
He also deleted comments on the video meaning that no one could speak their mind and tell him how they feel. Of course, that would be ironic if Bermudez wasn’t a hypocrite who wanted to boast about his First Amendment rights while infringing on those of others.
Finally, it must have all became too much for the coward. Apparently, his quest for more attention backfired big time as he’s since either set the video to private or removed it entirely at this point, as it’s no longer viewable to the public.
In the now-deleted clip, he clearly stated that it was his First Amendment right to make the comments he did, but that’s not exactly true. You see, what Bermudez was ignorant of is the fact that your Freedom of Speech ends where you start to physically threaten someone – in this case, Trump.
Seeing how several people reported him to the Secret Service and they thought a visit out to the man’s property and an investigation into him was warranted, it’s safe to say that he crossed the line. As a result, he was asked all kinds of questions about himself, his family, his beliefs, and a slew of other topics, including his finances, work, and other various details about his life.
In the end, it was a highly invasive question session that must have been extremely intrusive for the man. Of course, he tried to smugly brush it off to viewers, acting like he didn’t do anything wrong, but it was very clear that the man was shocked and even a little bit nervous.
It just goes to show – don’t try to be a tough guy on the Internet because you will be called out as the troll that you are. In the end, Bermudez was his own worst enemy as he proved that he wasn’t quite as “tough” as he wanted everyone to believe that he was.
More than willing to voice his opinion at first, it wasn’t long before the coward was making his page private so that he didn’t have to face the consequences of what he did. That pretty much sums up the mentality of far-left liberals. I’d say it’s ironic, but it’s really not. It’s just plain pathetic.
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  1. He should spend som time in jail because what he did.


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