Photo Of Trump’s New Grandson Surfaces, Haters Notice One Detail That Sets Them Off

A new baby was welcomed into President Donald Trump’s family about a month ago, providing them all with yet another blessing from God. However, when a photo of the one-month-old boy recently surfaced, haters instantly noticed one shocking detail about the President’s grandson that set them off.

Eric Luke (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Lara Trump/Instagram, Presidency of Ukraine/Wikimedia Commons)
President Donald Trump’s son Eric and his wife Lara welcomed their firstborn son, Eric Luke, into the world last month. Of course, just like every other baby, he is adorable. However, now that he is here and the excited new parents have shared a few photos online of their pride-and-joy, people on social media noticed one shocking detail about the boy, and they just can’t ignore it.
As expected, baby Eric looks like he belongs in the Trump family. However, that’s not exactly what people have noticed about him. In fact, the one thing that has left them all shocked is his gorgeous blond hair, which is the iconic “Trump hair.” Of course, since many liberals hate anything and everything that’s reminiscent of President Donald Trump, that’s all it took to set some of them off.
It appears that Baby Eric has not only been blessed with his grandfather’s hair color but his hairstyle as well. Just like President Trump, the first thing people are noticing about little Eric is his head of hair, and it even looks like he could mimic his presidential pappy’s iconic hairstyle.

Lara Trump discussed baby Eric’s locks with Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt when talking about her new bundle of joy. “He’s a great baby, he really does not cry that much, he’s so sweet… and he has a lot of hair,” she explained, according to Conservative Daily News. “Apparently he has more hair than most babies.”
When Lara posted a photo of baby Luke on Instagram, her followers instantly pointed out the eerie similarities between the infant and his grandfather. “He has his grandfather’s hair! #NextTrumpPresident,” one user wrote, while another said, “So cute!!! He looks so much like Grandpa!!!” Yet another got straight to the point, saying, “Donald Trump 2.” Along with many others with similar sentiments, one person wrote, “The most Adorable baby.”
Of course, not everyone is a fan of the “Trump hair.”
The Trump’s have all been very proud of the ‘hair’ trend that seemed ridiculous to liberals, to the point where many joked and mocked the POTUS on it.
The Trump’s hair suffered long and hard line of insults on the lefties’ behalf. For instance, in June, Eric got called out by liberals for a “fascist” haircut. Many even preferred to say that this type of haircut is a neo-Nazi inspired look. So, is David Beckham, for instance, a neo-Nazi as well? What about Macklemore? [Source: News Today Flash]

However, it’s not just his hair that people are saying Baby Eric got from the Trump side of the family, either. With a quick glance, he does seem to share some other physical traits with his grandfather. In fact, his eyes and cheeks seem to resemble our current Commander-in-Chief’s as well. It seems the Trump genes are strong and have passed down to another generation, and with a little bit of luck, Baby Eric will have inherited his grandfather’s drive for success too.

Now, if we could just stop these liberals from attacking an innocent baby because of his appearance, that would be great. It takes an especially evil person to go that low.
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  1. Well it takes a very ugly democrat to say ugly things about a beautiful baby boy. Yet, I would not put anything past those people.


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