One Man Dead & Five Teens In Jail After Cops Discover What They Left On The Highway

Five teenagers have landed themselves behind bars and are facing serious charges after one prank went horribly wrong in Clio, Michigan. In fact, as a result of their irresponsible actions, one man is now dead and cops were left furious when they spotted what the group left on the highway only feet away from where the man died.

Alexander Miller, Mikadyn Payne, Kyle Anger, Mark Sekelsky, and Trevor Gray (left), Kenneth White (right) (Photo Credit: Genessee County Sheriff’s Office, Screengrab/CNN)
Kenneth White, 32, was driving home from work one day when his life was unexpectedly cut short. As he drove along Interstate 75, he was unaware of a group of teens who were pulling a deadly prank. As he approached the bridge where the teens were messing around, his windshield was struck by a large object, which killed him within moments.
When police arrived on the scene, they were shocked by what they saw. White had been killed, and scattered across the road was the murder weapon – large rocks. The malicious teenagers had been playing a prank called “dinging,” where they throw rocks from an overpass to hear the ding on the cars traveling below.
Unfortunately, they took their prank to another level when they began to throw rather large rocks. In fact, during their short “dinging” fiasco, they threw 20 rocks, one of them weighing 20 pounds. The immature and irresponsible incident damaged numerous vehicles, and when one of their six-pound rocks hit White’s windshield, he was killed.
Sadly, the rock had struck White in the face and ricocheted to his chest. He suffered fractures to his skull and face. His cause of death was later determined to be blunt force trauma to his head and chest, according to Fox News. Disgustingly, following the ordeal, the teens then drove to McDonald’s and ate a meal, as if nothing had happened.
However, their “fun” and freedom were both short-lived. In fact, the five teens, identified as Kyle Anger, age 17; Alexander Miller, age 15; Mark Sekelsky, age 16; Mikadyn Payne, age 16; and Trevor Gray, age 15, were sought after and arrested. They are being charged as adults, according to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.
“Charges for all five teenagers included second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, and malicious destruction of property,” according to Blue Lives Matter. They each face life in prison if convicted.
“I don’t believe this was a deliberate attempt to take somebody’s life. It was a willful and wanton act that resulted in somebody’s death,” Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said. “These people should have known better.” He continued, “Under Michigan law, that is second-degree murder.”
I don’t care who you are or how old you might be, you know that when you throw a rock from a bridge or overpass, especially one weighing many pounds, you’re going to do some serious damage. Even if they only intended to play the “dinging” prank, they were way off base, and even that would be vandalism and criminal.
Now, someone is dead because of their sick game, and even though it won’t give this man’s children back their father, it should give them some peace knowing that all five of these punks are more-than-likely going to spend the rest of their lives in prison.
While this should teach us to love our families today because you never know when your time is up, it should also remind us to raise our children with respect for the life and property of others. This “innocent” prank wasn’t innocent at all. If someone finds it funny to damage what other people have worked for in an attempt to amuse themselves, they have some deep-seated issues.
Now, a “prank” has 5 kids facing life in prison. Don’t let that happen to your children. They need discipline, guidance, and supervision — which are critical things that these teens now turned murderers seemed to lack.
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