NO SHOW: Hillary Clinton Humiliated In London...

Hillary Clinton came under fire from pretty much everyone for her negative comments on her book tour.
Even her husband Bill was said to be furious with the whining in her new book. He said it showed her in the worst light possible and said the title was an abject embarrassment because “What Happened” lends itself to the inevitable response – you lost – now shut up and go away.

But she will not. She has gone on record as blaming everyone from Russia to women to Trump to Facebook for the reason she lost.

Yet she refuses to place blame where it should be – on her shoulders. She was arrogant and took the voters for granted.
She lost and America, even the liberals, want her to just go away already.
She took her book tour to London in all its arrogance. She continued to blame and rip Trump but she was used to softball questions from the fawning American media.

But she got a rude awakening after she called President Trump “the sexual assaulter in the White House” and the London TV host asked simply, what about Bill?
She turned white, her eyes bulged out of their sockets and she mumbled some lie no one believed.
She was angry and now we know how angry.

After the first interview bombed, Hillary had more scheduled for today, a curious thing happened.
She was a no show. Didn’t show up, ran and hid like the coward she is. She is claiming she suffered an injury and while she did have many health scares during the campaign… to these eyes it seems like she is running from the tougher London media.

According to the Daily Mail, “Hillary Clinton was forced to make a series of embarrassing media cancellations today after falling and hurting her foot.”
Hillary was a no show for the BBC Woman’s Hour, ITV’s This Morning show, and for an interview with the BBC’s Graham Norton Show.
Sources said her fall came right after she gave that terrible interview – the one that ended in disaster after she called Trump a sexual assaulter in the White House only to have the host ask her about Bill.
She was horrified and stammered an answer that no one, not even Chelsea, believed.
Sources also told the Mail that she is exhausted from her book tour and that led to the fall or to the no show appearances.

Phillip Schofield of ITV’s This Morning said on Instagram, “Supposed to be interviewing Hillary Clinton, but she’s fallen over and her foot!! Gutted.”
Can you image – we almost had this woman as President. And if it was any candidate other than Donald Trump she would have won.

That’s why I thank God every day for President Trump. And so do you if you know what’s good for America.


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