NFL Brat Vows To Quit if Forced To Stand, Fans Shocked By What He Did During Next Anthem

A whiner and ungrateful professional football player made a spectacle of himself after vowing to quit the sport if the NFL made him stand during the Star Spangled Banner. However, things just got exponentially worse for him after what he did during the next playing of the National Anthem – and fans were left downright shocked.

Rishard Matthews (Photo Credit: Frederick Breedon/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images, Screenshot/Twitter)
Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews has received a bit more attention than he wanted after recently threatening to quit the NFL. Too bad for him, it seems that not too many people agreed with his opinion and decided to let him know just that.
For those unaware, Matthews was asked about a potential NFL rule that’s in the works, requiring all players to stand during the National Anthem or else face a heavy fine. Shocking the entire country, the punk said in a tweet that he’d simply quit if such a rule was put into place.
After catching serious backlash for a few days, he eventually deleted the tweet, saying that he “deeply regretted” posting it. Too bad for him, no one really believed that his remark was sincere, seeing how his three year, $15 million contract was on the line.
Come to find out, Matthews turned out to be nothing more than your average showboat who was unwilling to put his money where his mouth was for his “cause.” However, he’s since decided to make everything worse during the next game he played after his self-inflicted controversy.
As it turns out, fans were left utterly shocked by what he did during the playing of the next National Anthem – and it was all caught on video. According to CNS News, the man who previously threatened to quit the NFL ran back to the locker room like a coward to hide from everyone during the patriotic tune.
Shared by The Tennessean, the clip depicts Rishard Matthews scurrying back into the tunnel to get away from fans in hopes of hiding. In the end, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as these guys are really in it for the show.
Not only do they do little to combat the problem they claim to protest for, but we’re actually not seeing any good that they’re doing while protesting on the field. In the end, they hope to raise attention to a matter but are too lazy to put the work in where it would really count.
Instead, they take part in their little stunt on the field and go back to their mansions and ignore the people for whom they say they’re “fighting.” Furthermore, when their money is on the line – as was proven the case with Matthews – they show that their cash is much more valuable than their cause.
You can always tell the conviction of a man by threatening the things of this world. If he caves to selfishly keep his “stuff” while claiming to fight for the injustices of others, then we know where they’re really coming from. Matthews is nothing more than a fraud – along with every other punk who spits on the great nation that allowed them to become multi-millionaires. The jig is up. America sees you morons for the frauds that you are.
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