McConnell, RYAN PLOT To Bypass TRUMP On WALL Using Budget, Debt Ceiling Stunt

It appears there is much more underlying the public display of hard feelings between President Trump and the ineffective globalist tools impersonating leaders in the House and Senate.

Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have long been adversaries of President Trump, from the initial stages of his campaign to the present. They’ve both overtly and covertly been some of the greatest obstructions to his agenda and impediments to his success. Now they’re shifting gears.
There is a proposal described by the Daily Caller as “floating around Capitol Hill,” that seeks to circumvent the President and remove some of the limited tools he has for forcing his agenda items, such as the border wall, through the globalist controlled Congress.
Two conservative strategists who have more than forty years of experience on Capitol Hill explained that a legislative and budgetary coup is in the offing. McConnell and Ryan are reportedly plotting to pass legislation that would raise the debt ceiling and fully fund Obamacare subsidies through the 2018 election cycle.
It’s not unlike the insane 2015 deal Ryan made with Obama to fully fund his agenda and programs. He gave Obama everything and even more than he was demanding in the Omnibus spending package. Ryan was new and had the excuse of time and experience to fall back on having just replaced John Boehner as Speaker. Ryan promised America he’d get it right the next time around. That was one of the first of many lies he’d tell and promises he’d break as Speaker. Now is that next time – everything is wrong and nothing is right about Ryan and McConnell’s scheme.
Additionally, they are also preparing a short-term spending bill, a continuing resolution, to fund the government through the middle of December, where once again they can exert the same threats of apocalyptic shutdowns with the deadline of Christmas break for lawmakers “forcing” them to commit exploitative acts against the American people.
Again, if only they had more time to work out a deal in “regular order” or maybe some other familiar excuse for selling us out will be served up. Somehow they’re always forced to act against our best interests due to a lack of time that they deliberately wasted away. We know, boys, you’ll get it right next time. You just had to spend every moment on the Russia, Russia, Russia. Maybe if we give you 435 seats in the House and 100 in the Senate, maybe then?

There are two particularly egregious aspects to the funding side of their scheme as well. First, no money will be included for President Trump’s border wall, something only the American people want but not the corrupt DC swamp creatures. Second, funding for “Chuck and Nancy’s” butcher shop, Planned Parenthood, would continue. Not surprisingly, RINO Ryan is said to be relying upon the votes of his “fellow Democrats” for passage.
President Trump called both of the globalist tools, Ryan and McConnell, out on Twitter Thursday, admonishing them for failing to do as he had asked and attach the debt limit increase to the recently-passed Veterans Affairs Bill. He said raising the debt ceiling “could have been easy.” Now the situation is “a mess.”
But the two turncoats need that mess, they must have something to pretend to be negotiating for with the Democrats. Otherwise they would be forced to openly surrender again as Ryan did in 2015. He can’t pretend he’s naive again two years later. The appearance of negotiating provides them much needed cover for betraying America in service to their globalist masters.
Had Ryan attached the debt-ceiling increase to the Veterans’ Bill, that cover would have been squandered. As it stands now, they’ll be able to surrender to the Democrats while claiming to have “negotiated,” the best deal they could. Soros, Obama and the Dems get “a few” more dead black babies and thousands more economy-destroying illegals and the US Chamber of Commerce’s political prostitute RINOs get campaign funding and other benefits. Everybody wins but the nameless, unimportant citizens who voted this trash into office.
No wonder President Trump is fuming at these two swamp snakes. He doesn’t like traitors and increasingly, whether he recognizes it or not, and going well beyond these two prime examples, he’s surrounded by them.


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