Little Boy Refuses To Kneel For Flag, Sick Liberal Teacher Takes Matters Into Own Hands

While other 5th grade students disrespected the pledge of allegiance by sitting out, a 10-year-old boy refused to kneel for the American flag, choosing instead to stand and salute alone. However, as soon as the elementary student’s liberal teacher saw what was happening, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

After 10-year-old Jason Newberry (inset) was bullied by classmates for boldly standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, his liberal teacher disturbingly made an example out of him. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CBS 46)
As countless wealthy and privileged professional athletes, celebrities, and anti-America liberal activists protest our exceptional American values and freedoms by lazily sitting out of the National Anthem, impressionable youths are watching their spoiled, virtue-signaling heroes narcissistically whine about inequality that doesn’t exist.
Disturbingly, as these leftist hypocrites trivialize actual oppression happening around the world with their own first-world complaints, liberals are feeling empowered to bring this indoctrination into the education system. Fortunately, not every young mind is willing to buy into this political propaganda.
On Tuesday morning, Orrs Elementary School students listened as the Pledge of Allegiance boomed over the intercom just like it did every morning. However, this particular morning was very different as students in the Atlanta primary school quietly remained seated in a deliberate act of disrespect and defiance of American values. Amidst the sea of children mindlessly protesting against something they don’t even understand, a young boy and his friend courageously refused to go along with the misinformed majority.
CBS 46 reports that 10-year-old Jason Newberry and one other unnamed classmate stood, placed their hands over their hearts, and unwaveringly recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Disturbingly, their seated classmates began hurling abuse at them, calling them “Nazi” and “KKK” and bullying them for the rest of the school day. As reprehensible as it is that their peers would try to intimidate and harass them, it’s nothing compared to their liberal teacher’s response.
According to Jason, his second period teacher, who remains unidentified, took the opportunity to further shame the young boys and make an example of them by showing them liberal propaganda featuring NFL players kneeling, polling the class on how they feel about refusing to stand for the flag, and teaching them that she would never stand for the flag.
“Nobody put their hand over their heart except me and one other little boy and we said the Pledge of Allegiance,” Jason told CBS 46. “Me and him got called KKK, Nazi, and we just kept on getting bullied that whole day. Teacher said that she’ll never stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and that, if she did stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, then she wouldn’t really mean it.”
Understandably, Lisa Newberry joined other parents in expressing their outrage over the bullying but more so concerning the teacher’s response. Lisa reiterated that it is the educator’s job to teach students the appropriate curricula and not to try to sway them with their political opinions.
“She made her own poll on paper, passed it out to all her students to see what they thought was right or wrong about taking a knee,” Lisa said. “These are our kids. We should be able to instill our values in them — not her.”
The other students have not been disciplined for bullying Newberry and the other boy, leading some to believe that the teacher may have condoned the intimidation tactics. The school has refused to offer parents answers about the incident, and the teacher released a letter to upset parents on Wednesday, in which she makes an insincere apology before defending her actions, alleging that expressing a one-sided opinion to students is “not a one-sided lesson.”
“I apologize for expressing my views to my students. I recognize that while this was not a one-sided lesson, the topic itself and the expression of my views were not appropriate, my intentions were well-meaning,” the teacher wrote.
Expectedly, parents are unsatisfied with both the teacher’s excuse and the school’s apathy for handling the bullying incident. Many families vowed to gather with their children on Thursday morning in front of the school’s flagpole and set an example to their children by saluting the American flag.
It’s absolutely disgraceful that not only is this teacher trying to pressure students to conform to her liberal values but that the school has allowed her to show political propaganda outside of the determined state curricula without even reprimanding her. She will undoubtedly continue to infect the vulnerable minds of young children with her anti-America views. Of course, the damage has already been done as is apparent with the majority of students in her classroom disrespecting our flag.
Perhaps most disturbing is that these liberal zombies have no idea exactly what they’re protesting. What started as a vague demonstration against alleged inequality in the U.S. and police brutality has evolved into a racist publicity stunt to oppose virtually anything they dislike. However, the American flag does not represent one particular race, president, political party, ideology, or government. It represents “We the People,” all of the people of the U.S., and our freedom as Americans. It represents our inalienable rights and our uninfringeable opportunity to pursue happiness. Regardless of what these leftist bigots believe, this is what they are protesting when they shun the American flag. Sadly, but perhaps most appropriately, it’s taking an innocent and brave 10-year-old boy to show them the exceptional liberties that they’re foolishly disputing.
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