Liberals Demand School Removes Christian Flag, Students Show Up With Something Even Better

When sensitive liberals spotted the Christian flag flying next to the American flag at a Texas high school, they immediately contacted the district and demanded the “offensive” religious symbol’s removal. However, as soon as students heard their ultimatum, they took matters into their own hands and arrived at class with something even better.

After liberal atheists demanded the removal of the Christian flag from LaPoynor High School, students devised a brilliant plan of their own. (Photo credit: LaPoynor ISD/Facebook)
Despite our nation’s founding on religious freedom, the atheist minority tries to impose their ideological beliefs on the Christian majority at every turn. While Christians often sport religious symbols, in accordance with their First Amendment rights, liberal atheists maintain that they should be forced to adhere to their stance against all religions. Although they claim to be religiously neutral, they enforce their non-belief by infringing upon others’ liberties.
Disturbingly, this mentality that since they don’t want to sport religious symbolism, no one else should be allowed to, has made its way onto school campuses with children as their targets. However, despite this very vocal minority attempting to impose their ideology on a high school, students showed them that they’re more than willing to stand up for their religious freedoms.
KETK reports that once the atheists of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) demanded that a Texas school district removes all religious symbols from its premises, including a Christian flag, students arrived at LaPoynor High School sporting 3 more massive Christian flags to inform the atheists that they won’t allow them to dictate their freedoms.

Students secured the flagpoles to their vehicles after the Wisconsin-based atheist organization issued a letter narcissistically declaring their demands to the East Texas school. The overreaching ultimatum came after atheists received a complaint from a student that the school had allowed students to organize their yearly “See You at the Pole” event in which the youths gathered around the flagpole to pray for their school, community, and nation.
Complaints from the FFRF are outlined below:
1) During the school’s SYATP event, a Christian flag was placed on one of the flag poles. The FFRF says it’s unconstitutional for the school to display the flag bearing the Latin cross.
2) The district also promoted their SYATP event on their district’s social media pages, which the FFRF said violates the Establishment Clause.
3) The organization also said it was brought to their attention that the district’s Facebook page and website promoted their annual baccalaureate ceremony with a picture of a diploma on top of an opened Bible. They also claimed this violated constitutional law.
Incredibly, students didn’t wait for their school to issue a response before defending their liberties. On October 18, a group of students arrived with flags waving to demonstrate their right to peacefully express their beliefs, according to The Christian Post.
“This is our way of life for me and everybody around here,” high school junior Gunner Gracey told KETK.
Fellow junior Jared Sanchez told the local NBC affiliate that although FFRF is going to try to remove the Christian flag, “we’re going to fight for it.”
Holley Franklin, a LaPoynor High School parent and former student, told KETK that she went to school at LaPoynor from kindergarten through 12th grade and asserted that “Jesus has always been alive and well here.”
“If God is challenged, He is up for the challenge and God is going to win,” parent Shaine Snyder told the news outlet.
Although not one student stood when the superintendent asked if anyone wished for the flag to be removed, the FFRF is continuing their attack on students in an effort to prohibit them from organizing and leading religious events, hypocritically claiming that they are taking steps to “remedy these constitutional violations.”
Fearful of a lawsuit, the school district has issued a generic response that doesn’t provide any guarantee that they will protect the majority of their students from one complaining atheist student and the vicious FFRF.
“LaPoynor ISD is in receipt of a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in which they take issue with some district practices regarding religious expression. As always, we appreciate members of our community bringing any matters of concern to our attention. We are in the process of reviewing the concerns addressed in the correspondence and will take any action deemed necessary. LaPoynor ISD is committed to achieving an appropriate balance between permissible religious expression and the obligation to maintain neutrality in its policies and practices,” the statement reads.
It’s absolutely outrageous that this detestable organization seeks to take away the religious rights of the majority of the school’s students simply because one bitter atheist complained. Of course, this student wasn’t forced to participate in the prayer, but, since they disagree with Christianity, they believe Christians shouldn’t be allowed to pray either. The atheist group’s infringement is no different than if one religious zealot tried to force a non-religious majority to adhere to their beliefs.
As disturbing as it is that this tiny minority is bullying high school students in an effort to repress their religious freedoms, it is a good lesson for them to learn early. Undeniably, this liberal indoctrination rules our education system, especially college campuses, and these students are learning to combat this socialistic mindset while peacefully standing up for their beliefs and their constitutional rights.
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