Just In:Trump decides to cut US aid to UN. $5 Billion will Stay in the United States!Do You Support This?

The White House is seeking to cut $1 billion in funding for U.N. peacekeeping operations and to eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars for other U.N. programs that care for needy children and seek to lift the world’s poorest out of a life of grinding poverty, according to two diplomatic sources briefed on the plan.

The proposal is certain to face strong pushback from Democratic and Republican congressional leaders, who warned that President Donald Trump’s budget will never be passed. But it reflected the White House’s clear desire to jettison America’s traditional role as the champion of the downtrodden and embrace that of a military powerhouse to be feared.
The White House budget office informed State Department officials this week that the administration plans to eliminate all U.S. funding to the $326 million International Organizations and Programs account, which provides more than $130 million to UNICEF — a sizable chunk of the more than $500 million the United States contributed to the U.N. agency in 2016 — and around $70 million to the U.N. Development Programme.
They were also told to brace for a 40 percent cut to the State Department’s U.N. peacekeeping budget. The United States contributed more than $2 billion to the U.N.’s $8 billion-plus peacekeeping budget last year.
In New York, Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is planning to host an April 6 meeting of the U.N. Security Council to discuss an ongoing U.S. review of the U.N.’s 16 peacekeeping missions.
Haley, who will serve as the council’s president for the month of April, will make the point that some of the U.N. missions may have outlived their usefulness and may need to be shuttered, reconfigured or shrunk, according to a confidential U.S. concept paper.
The paper, which was reviewed by Foreign Policy, urged Security Council members to “consider whether current peacekeeping operations continue to be the best-suited mechanisms for meeting the need of those on the ground and achieving the council’s political objectives, or if changes are needed. That is, are current missions ‘still fit for purpose’?”

The proposed U.N. cuts, which were drafted by the White House Office of Budget and Management, show that the Trump administration is seeking far deeper cuts to the U.N. in the international affairs budget than to the State Department or USAID. Last week, the White House released a preliminary budget projection — known as the skinny budget — that called for cuts of 28 percent to international organizations in the 2018 budget.
But big chunks of that outlay — including $3.1 billion in security assistance to Israel — are to be spared, and the White House has informed State Department officials that funding to NATO will also be left off the chopping block. That means the U.N. and other international organizations will have to absorb a far higher share of cuts. And programs that combat climate change or provide reproductive health services are likely to be cut altogether.
The State Department and the White House declined to comment on the specific targets. A State Department official said simply that the 2018 “budget request will reduce funding requested for the U.N. and affiliated agencies. ‎Beyond this, more details won’t be available until the president’s full FY 2018 Budget is rolled out later in the spring.”
A White House official added that “the president’s America First blueprint seeks to place more focus here at home and less abroad. That having been said, internal deliberations surrounding the full fiscal year 2018 budget are ongoing and final details will be announced in the mid-May release.”
U.S. government agencies contributed nearly $10.5 billion last year to a vast number of U.N. programs that vaccinate children, help keep the peace in conflict zones, care for refugees, feed the poor, and monitor the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Since the United States helped create the United Nations in the waning days of World War II, the body has been seen as a way to promote stability around the world and advance U.S. interests, including economic development, conflict prevention, and nonproliferation.
State Department officials had been informed by the White House budget office earlier this month that cuts to U.N. programs could run higher than 50 percent.


  1. This is great! The UN has greatly strayed from it's initial duty, to preserve world peace in the wake of WWII. The showed their reason for being in the Korean conflict and the Yom Kippur War, when the got Israel and all it's enemies to stop fighting. But the goals of the UN are short lived, and now will side with the enemies of Israel.

  2. Of course, the US can stand to save all that money. Trump is doing a good thing in paring down the deficit.

  3. Yes, we have helped out over and over again. Time for a pay back. We have put in way more than our share. We need to take care of ourselves first.

    1. I agree with you, Janet. Help at home first.

    2. I truthfully believe that we should get out of the UN altogether. Then we can help out other countries with what we could contribute if and when we have the money available. Besides, the UN wants to tell us how to run our government, or they will bring in their own soldiers, are they craxy? WE SHOULD LEAVE THE UNITED NATIONS, BECAUSE THEN THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY UN.

  4. This country has been taken advantage of more than ANY other! We need to repair BILLIONS of dollars of damage from calamity of weather, and fire! My God we need a good man like TRUMP steering this country financially! The free ride is over UN! Go find some evil ass wipes in the world that need exposing! DO WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO FROM THE BEGINNING!! The UN is FAT and LAZY!

  5. HIP HIP HOORAY it has become a dictators paridise no common sense just guys bs in the locker room pissing contests

  6. Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS!
    President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! MAGA, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

  7. It is about time our government realizes we cannot financially support the whole world. Look what a mess our economy is now and yet we keep allowing more immigrants to come here and sign up for social security, food stamps, housing and free medical services. If these programs were cut out to illegals, they would go home.

  8. Much money given to UN is scandalously spent on population 'control'. Coercive sterilization of poor women, when they bring in a sick child to UN doctors or clinicians, are told they'll need to submit to procedures on themseves, as well. They are permanently sterile from that point frwd. In many third world cultures, children are so highly valued that a second wife may be taken when sterility is discovered. The status of the sterile wife becomes tenuous and unhappy results are frequent. Population control may seem a solution to poverty to an outsider like Melinda, but she does not sufficiently relate to the bad consequences set in motion.

  9. If ONLY This money comes directly out of the graft & corruption, bribes & kick backs That happen at The UN. keep The programs That feed the poor & helpless. but Take away the Income of The rich, and connected officials.

  10. We need to pull out of the UN. They do nothing but undermine our sovereignty, our rights to bear arms, our freedoms, our right to decide what is best for our Country. These are the same people who are against the Jews. The UN is run by the Muslims and we have nothing in common with them. They tell us who we should allow in our Country and how to govern our Republic. These are the same people who let terrorist countries have a seat. WE DO NOT NEED THEM. We did just fine without them until it was created in 1945. We give too much of our tax dollars to these countries that are rich in oil and we get nothing in return. Why? Why should we become a third world by giving our money to these people? We have our own homeless, victims, Veterans, elderly, and hungry.


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