Joy Villa Just Scared The Hell Out Of Nancy Pelosi & Maxine Waters, Trump Is Loving It

Who can forget the brave woman who spat in the Hollywood’s crowd face at the Academy Awards? Joy Villa dared to wear a “Make America Great Again” dress that she designed with the help of a dear friend to the biggest award show of the year, despite knowing she would be looked upon with hatred. Now, Villa just scared the hell out of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, but President Donald Trump is loving it.

Maxine Waters (left), Joy Villa (middle), Nancy Pelosi (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Screengrab/YouTube, Screengrab/YouTube)
Joy Villa broke the internet in 2016 with her famous “Make America Great Again” dress. Wearing it during the height of the presidential campaign, Villa immediately became a favorite of Donald Trump supporters. The floor-length dress featured a train that said “Trump,” and of course, the front read, “Make America Great Again,” then-candidate Trump’s slogan. While the Hollywood crowd stared in utter shock, Villa posed for pics on the red carpet.
Later, Villa would come to the attention of the 45th president for something entirely different. As she made the rounds on the conservative talk shows, Villa was poised and well-spoken. She was a professional singer by trade, but she actually was well versed in politics. In other words, the dress was not just a stunt, she really wanted to “Make America Great Again.”
So, President Trump’s administration, looking for diverse supporters, contacted her to be on the president’s advisory board. Villa accepted and has been building a real following. Now, she just put the Democrats in California, Florida, and New York on notice — Joy is running for Congress in one of those states.
“If I run, I’m going to win,” she said, adding that she’s looking at Florida, California, or New York because “those are places I live and work and have grown up in.”
“Villa, 26, said she would focus on tax reform, legal immigration, and helping American families — much like the president’s current platform,” Fox News reports, adding, “Villa said current congresswomen like Maxine Waters, D-Calif., Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., are ‘ruining this country’ and ‘it’s time we have strong women who step up, run, win and support the president.'”
Within a few minutes after Villa announced her intention to run on Twitter, the president responded with his love for the idea. “Good luck to @Joy_Villa on her decision to enter the wonderful world of politics. She has many fans!” the president tweeted.
Villa’s father was Italian and her mother is African-American and Choctaw. Villa grew up as a “Pastor’s kid,” according to her website. Her father, the late Joseph Villa, was a reverend and her mother, Angela Villa, sang gospel.
Now, if you are thinking Joy Villa chances aren’t that good running in blue states, think again. None other than the master strategist himself, Steve Bannon, is behind Villa’s potential run. Villa announced on Twitter that Bannon is “all in,” and they are assembling a team to assess which state and which opponent will be the best fit for Villa to claim victory.
Villa tweeted, “I’m pro life, pro constitution, pro 2A, pro tax reform, pro Trump, pro religious freedom, anti human trafficking, anti illegal immigration,” which will cause Trump supporters around the country to cheer. Proving the Trump agenda can hammer the Hollywood crowd’s bias, Fox News reports, “Villa, who was born in Burbank, Calif., is a recording artist who was relatively unknown before she rocked her ‘Make America Great Again’-themed dress at the Grammys. Shortly after, her EP ‘I Make the Static’ jumped to the No. 1 spot on iTunes and Amazon, beating out well-known artists like Beyoncé, Adele and Lady Gaga.”
Well, this is good news. Villa may have gotten an unconventional start in politics, but she has proven to be a staunch supporter of the Trump populist movement. Her ethnic background proves the Trump-haters, who claim that his only supporters are neo-Nazis, are quite mistaken. Pelosi, Waters, and Wilson should be scared, Joy Villa has the guts, courage, and now the big backers to help “Make America Great Again.”
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