Hillary DENIES Knowing Anything About The Russian Dossier, But Wait, Look At What She Did Right Before The Elections

illary Clinton claims she had no idea that the Russian dossier was fake, but why then did she spend the months and weeks leading up to the election, playing up the Trump-Russian connection to the public?
The FBI launched their Trump-Russia probe in late July of 2016. Per a Politico report from March of 2017:
FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Monday that his agency has been investigating possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials since last July.
Right after the FBI announced they were investigating Trump for the Russia connection, Hillary starts tweeting about it, a lot.

The very next day August 7th, 2016 Hillary tweeted, “We have some questions about Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia”
On August 15th, 2016 Hillary tweeted the same Trump-Russia propaganda video with the caption, “We have some questions about Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia.”
On September 7th 2016 Hillary tweeted yet again the same propaganda video and her caption read, The worst part is, this isn’t the first time Donald Trump has praised Russia and Putin. #NBCNewsForum”
On September 22nd, 2016 Hillary tweeted, “Donald Trump’s ties to Russia may conflict with America’s interests—but they’re great for his bottom line.”
On September 26, 2016 Hillary tweeted, “What is the deal with Donald Trump and Russia?”
As this dragged on and on, Hillary became more desperate, and as October rolled around, she was still waiting on the dossier to be released to the public.
She tweeted on October 7th, 2016 “It should concern every American that Russia is willing to engage in such hostile acts in order to help Donald Trump become president.”
It is really sad knowing what we know now, and seeing these tweets unfold, it’s so clear what Hillary is doing and it’s sickening. All election she was prepping the public for a fake bombshell she was dropping and she still lost.


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