Governor Of California Goes To England, Makes Shocking Statements About Trump

In a year of shocking news coming out of California, this might be the worst. Governor Jerry Brown, who is a noted liberal obstructionist and President Donald Trump enemy, recently traveled all the way to England to discuss the President of the United States. What he said to listeners across the pond is shocking Americans back home.

Governor Jerry Brown (left) spoke with the BBC to insult President Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)
California has become the poster child of backward, ineffective liberal policy. From the very start of the Trump administration, they have fought tooth and nail to resist his initiatives. California’s lawmakers passed a resolution —even before Trump was in office — declaring their dislike of him. Their governor, Jerry Brown, has practically made a career out of complaining about the POTUS.\
Yet, time and again, it is Jerry Brown who proves he is the real numskull. When he’s not insulting Trump supporters, calling them cavemen, or passing laws to protect illegal aliens and transgenders, he’s neglecting the real problems facing his state. As the infrastructure of California crumbles due to neglect, Brown is grandstanding, pandering to angry liberals about how he’s going to single-handedly defeat Trump.
Brown hates this country so much, he traveled all the way to England to insult our President. As Breitbart reports, in an interview with BBC, Brown openly defied the President of the United States. Brown slammed Trump and his supporters, asserting that he would “fix” the damage the President has done.
In a contentious interview with BBC radio, California Governor Jerry Brown has threatened to sue the Trump administration over climate change, while vowing to “stabilize the ship of state…”
“Trump has declared war on a majority of the American people under the guise of supporting his minority base and it’s very dangerous,” Brown said. “It’s very disruptive for America, and I’m going to do everything I can to stabilize the ship of state.” [Source: Breitbart]
Hey, Jerry, a huge portion of your state has been wiped out by wildfires! Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. That’s not to mention the farms and other property decimated. Lives have been lost and families are now homeless. How about you stop insulting the leader of your country to foreigners and do your job?
The pathetic, predictable rhetoric Brown spewed on that interview is everything that’s wrong with the Democratic Party. Instead of trying to connect with voters and Americans, he’s doubling down on the angry, hate-filled rhetoric that is driving their party into oblivion.
But, let’s pause for a second and consider what he is doing. Brown is speaking with a foreign country’s media to bash his President. He thinks he’ll get a warm reception because, like America, British media is largely liberal. That doesn’t erase the fact that he is bad-mouthing the leader of the United States to outsiders. That’s like a baseball player bashing his coach to the public or an employee insulting his boss to a rival company.
Ever heard of a thing called loyalty, Jerry? Politics aside, most people expect a United States governor to respect his President. Imagine what the British people are thinking about you right now, because of your unmitigated, shameless behavior?
He went on to say, “America is strong, very strong, but it’s being torn apart now and the pied piper-in-chief is Donald Trump. We’re in a very dangerous precipice.” That’s the way to win them over, Jerry. Call Trump names! Because that worked so well for Hillary.
Governor Brown went on to discuss plans he has to oppose President Trump.
“We are building a coalition that covers about 30 percent of the GDP of the world and well more than a billion people,” he said. “So, we are taking action in California. We are linking up with other similar-minded people all over the world. And we are pushing forward, even as Trump blusters, he cannot command the tides to not come in.” [Source: Breitbart]
It seems like Brown thinks it’s his job to drain the resources of his already beleaguered state, simply to oppose Trump over climate change. Never mind the real problems facing California, like many of its cities’ new minimum wage hike that is driving businesses away.
The fact is, it’s very easy to see through Brown’s pointless rhetoric. He is attacking Trump, simply because he doesn’t like him or his base. Brown’s assertions that America is doomed because of global warming contradict basic facts about our country.
According to the World Health Organization, the United States finds itself in a leadership position concerning environmental achievements, with a level of air pollution among the lowest on the planet.
In the most recent WHO report on air pollution, the U.S. was among the countries with the cleanest air in the world, significantly cleaner than the air in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, Austria and France, not to mention major polluters such as India, China, Egypt and a number of former Soviet republics. (Source: Breitbart)

What Jerry Brown was saying simply isn’t true. Trump isn’t destroying the environment or making America a less environmentally-friendly country. Once again, we are seeing petty liberals attack President Trump over nothing. Meanwhile, they neglect their real responsibilities and allow their people to fall into ruin.
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