Florida Sheriff’s Office Will not Escort Miami Dolphins Until They Stand for National Anthem

The Miami Dolphins have followed in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps in refusing to stand at attention for the national anthem. However, as a result the Florida sheriffs office has now announced they will not be escorting the Dolphins to their games until they resume doing so. The Miami Herald reported the local police union is behind the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and will not be doing any escorting either.

President of the International Union of Police Associations, Jeffrey Bell said,
“I respect their right to have freedom of speech. However, in certain organizations and certain jobs you give up that right of your freedom of speech temporary while you serve that job or while you play in an NFL game.”

Four Miami Dolphins made headlines when they refused to stand for the national anthem and instead kneeled in order to protest what they called racial oppression of African Americans. This is all due to Colin Kaepernick who was the first athlete to take such a protest. The Dolphins organization released a statement in which they mentioned that while they encourage all players to stand it is not mandatory and is personal choice.
The police association is well within their rights just as the athletes are well within their rights not to stand. Liberals cannot have it both ways. They can not argue how terrible it is they people are criticizing protesters and then sit their and scream and yell how terrible it is that police officers are refusing escorts. If they advocate for freedom of speech and freedom of expression that freedom has to extend to everyone.
The topic of conversation is not going anywhere. These protesters are not getting their desired results. Nobody is talking about the oppression of black people or police brutality. All that is being done is the relationship between African Americans and the police are further being deteriorated. Other than these athletes getting their fifteen minutes of fame nothing productive is coming of their protests. Which just goes to show the meaningless and substanceless function of their protests. They should put their money where their mouth is like Lebron James
Source:  copsnews.info


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