Eminem Trashed Trump In Horrid Rap Song, Gets A ‘Brutal Surprise’ From President

Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, is a forty-four-year-old rapper who was famous in the 1990’s. As a stunt to re-ignite his career, Mathers trashed President Donald Trump at the BET Awards, like other has-beens who have used Trump in this way, knowing that anything having to do with the president gets attention. Of course, the left loved it, but now, Eminem is freaking out as his song has backfired and the brutal surprise he got from Trump is sinking in.

Eminem made a fool of himself in a cringe-worthy performance for the BET Awards. It seems Marshall Mathers is another celebrity that is “Trump obsessed,” and like other celebrities pulling stunts, he used the president’s fame to try to get some fame for himself. However, his ridiculous stunt really backfired on him big time.

Marshall Mathers aka Eminem (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

In his hateful rap song “The Storm,” he says, “The fact we’re not afraid of Trump/F**k walkin’ on eggshells, I came to stomp/That’s why he keeps screamin’ ‘Drain the swamp’/’Cause he’s in quicksand/It’s like we take a step forward, then backwards/But this is his form of distraction/Plus, he gets an enormous reaction/When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that/Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada.”
Eminem goes on to tell Trump supporters that they have to choose between him and Trump. That’s right, he doesn’t want any Trump fans supporting him. Eminem forgot the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true.” Billboard Magazine, one of the biggest music magazines out there, just delivered some bad news to poor Marshall Mathers. Ironically, it’s a brutal surprise straight from Donald Trump himself — a surprise that Hillary Clinton also got in November.
In an article titled, “Are Eminem’s Conservative Fans Ready to Accept That ‘Line in the Sand’? Not So Fast,” it’s proven Mathers did not think his Trump bashing stunt through. “On October 11, Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars editor-at-large and a self-described ‘nativist polemicist’ with the Twitter handle @PrisonPlanet tweeted, ‘Eminem was only politically incorrect when it was safe to be. Now he’s a middle-aged sellout p*ssy,’” reports Billboard.

The report goes on, “For many, particularly those familiar with Eminem’s fan base [those living in states like Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming], these reactions came as no surprise. In fact, leftists and mainstream users seemed to be egging them on, relishing the potential for catching a Trump supporter in a fit of anger.”
Maybe Eminem is taking advice from Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign staff? Just like Hillary, Eminem screwed himself by alienating his biggest fan base that lives in those states Hillary refused to visit, but Trump knew it was the Rust Belt, the middle class working Americans who would have his back.
Now, Eminem is getting a bitter backlash from his former fans who live in the “flyover” states, and they are outraged at his arrogance and his stupidity. “I used to like Eminem’s music but if you have to trash the President to stay relevant, I’m done! BYE FELICIA BYE!” user Deplorable CKC tweeted. “I was a fan of Eminem. He drew a line in the sand. I’m out. #MAGA”,” another now-former fan said, reports Billboard. Trump fans, in the tweets below, really prove that Mather’s horrid rap song was extremely ill-advised.
How many times are we going to say that celebrities, especially ones like Mathers who never in his life took the time to vote, should stay out of politics? Eminem couldn’t care less about who is president. All he cares about is his fame, and he isn’t even being edgy, he’s just pandering to the leftists. In fact, at the end of the song, Mathers “thanks Obama,” proving he’s just a follower of whoever the Hollywood crowd tells him is their “guy or gal.”
Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, is a forty-four-year-old man acting like he is seventeen, and it’s pretty evident he dropped out of high school after repeating the ninth grade three times due to truancy. He is way out of his depth, totally embarrassing himself, and for what? He is losing his fanbase over a stunt, mimicking the idiots like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel and making the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made in the presidential election when she turned her back on those who live in the heartland of America. Marshall Mathers is as dumb as a box of rocks, and now that his career is in the dumpster, the good news is, he’ll have time to get his GED.
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