Donald Trump melts down after learning Robert Mueller has filed Trump-Russia criminal charges

Donald Trump may be going out not with a bang, but with a weird whimper. Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed the first criminal charges in the Trump-Russia scandal on Friday, something which Trump and his allies seemed to know was coming for the past few days. Once the news broke on Friday night, Trump took to Twitter and went nuts with it in a weak and almost sad kind of way.

An hour and a half after CNN first broke the news, Trump finally took to Twitter with his response. Instead of addressing the criminal charges, or even bothering to push back against his Russia scandal, Trump simply tweeted some weird nonsense. His tweet started with an all-caps proclamation of the name of Hillary Clinton’s book: “WHAT HAPPENED.” Then he quoted a day-old article from the New York Post, which is owned by his friend, declaring “How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia.” Then he went back to shouting: “NOW WE KNOW!”

Wait, this is it? Donald Trump has known for months that this day would eventually come, and he’s known for days that it was imminent. Yet after he had all that time to think about how he would respond to criminal charges inevitably being filed against his co-conspirators, this is all he could come up with? Some weird all-caps nutso crap about Hillary? This is almost a signal of surrender.

If you’re feeling let down by Donald Trump’s whimper, don’t worry: by morning, he’ll be defiantly tweeting crazed garbage about everyone from Robert Mueller to Hillary Clinton as he frantically tries to spin these criminal charges. But the cold hard reality for Trump is that this news appears to have hit him so hard on Friday night, even though he knew it was coming, that the perennial loudmouth was nearly at a loss for words.
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