CULTURE Tim Tebow Visits WWII Vet In Shelter. What He Does Next Leaves Entire Room In Tears

Tim Tebow made his name as a football star, but since then he has become just as well known for the work he does off the field. Through his Tim Tebow Foundation he has built a hospital and playrooms for sick children around the world, started Night To Shine, which puts on proms for people with disabilities, assisted orphans and adopting families, and helped created memorable experiences for numerous terminally ill children.
Though he has faced a lot of criticism, Tebow has never wavered in his faith, compassion, or desire to help others.

Having grown up in Florida, the state holds a special place in Tebow’s heart, so when Hurricane Irma hit, he knew he needed to go there and do what he could to help.
On Monday, he visited a special shelter in Jacksonville that has been dedicated to individuals with special needs. Unlike typical evacuation shelters, this one provided extra spaces for people’s medical equipment.

As Tebow made his way around the shelter, visiting and praying with the hundreds of displaced hurricane victims and volunteers, he said he was inspired by the way “people have rallied together and I think that speaks volumes about my city and my state.”
One of the people he visited was a World War II veteran who was staying at the shelter with his family and his dog. As Tebow knelt beside his cot, the man’s daughter handed him his harmonica and he began to play – a moment of joy and levity in the midst of such hardship.

It was clear this man’s positivity and resilience in the face of such tragedy touched Tebow deeply. He shared a video of the special encounter on his Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.
The people of Florida have a long road ahead of them as they go back to their homes and prepare to rebuild their lives. We know Tebow’s visit helped brighten their days and brought these people strength and comfort when they needed it most.
This is not the first time Tebow has reached out to victims of tragedy. After the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016, Tebow visited many of the victims, praying with them and bringing them encouragement during one of the darkest moments of their lives.
Despite the criticism he may receive from the media, we think Tebow is to be commended. His faith, love, kindness, and compassion should inspire us all to do the same.
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