California Firefighters Spot What’s About To Be Consumed By Flames, Make Viral ‘Rescue’

As California firefighters battle the raging wildfires, one badass spotted something in the distance that was about to be consumed by the flames, and he knew it had to be saved. Ignoring his fatigue, the dedicated hero rushed to grab one item from the burning land that shows what kind of man he really is as he made a rescue that’s going viral after leaving one homeowner speechless.

Cade Boeger (left), wildfires in California (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Action News Now)
Deadly fires have rapidly engulfed many parts of California, forcing thousands of homeowners to pack up their belongings and flee as fast as they can. According to Fox News, the wildfires in northern California have killed 23 people and destroyed 3,500 structures while several hundred people are currently missing.
Cade Boeger of Table Mountain, California, witnessed the huge flames burning rapidly towards his ranch home, so naturally, he prepared to say goodbye to everything he owned. His family had little time to evacuate. He recalled, “I just screamed at the kids, ‘Everybody get in the truck right now!’ And they all were in jammies and bare feet, and they could tell I was serious, so they jumped in the truck.” As Cade Boeger and his family packed up, they were sadly aware that they were about to lose everything they worked for as they raced away from the danger, leaving their belongs behind.
However, while pulling out of their ranch, Boeger says firefighters were driving up his driveway, giving him a little sigh of relief. So, he dropped his family off and chose to go back to lend a hand, hoping to help save what he could. Expecting the worse, Boeger couldn’t believe it when he pulled up and saw that his home was still standing amid all the scorched land, but there was something that shocked him even more than seeing his house was safe.
As he walked inside, he soon saw something that astounded him. The firefighters carefully preserved his giant American flag, and it was in perfect condition. Boeger recalled the moment he saw it “folded neatly and laid out there respectfully on the couch.” He said, “I just kind of froze and just looked at it and said how did this happen?”
Although he never served in the military, Boeger says he has great respect for those who do. So, he proudly flies the American flag outside his home daily, but in the chaos of evacuating his family safely, it was the last thing on his mind at the time.
“There’s not really a lot of words you can put around the emotions that you have of not having your house burn down and having to start from scratch again,” he told Action News Now. “So, I just say thank you so much and appreciate the gesture.”
It is incredibly refreshing to see all of the people who still have respect for our flag while ignorant leftists chose to disrespect it. The whining NFL players and crying liberals need to take a note out of this hero’s book and learn how the American flag should really be treated. We would all like to say thank you to the patriotic firefighters who remembered to show love for their country even in a time of tragedy and chaos.
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