Breaking: Јudgе Just ЅHОСKЅ thе Еntirе Nаtiоn with thе Brutаl Тruth Bеhind thе СIА аnd thе Dееp Ѕtаtе – Тrump Iѕ Rеаdy tо Rumblе

This is a special moment, patriots! Something huge happened on Fox, something important and enlightening. The United States of America suffered enough! The people from the states are sick and tired of the liberal oppression and someone has to take responsibility after Obama and his leftovers created a scandal even bigger than Watergate.
Judge Andrew Napolitano is the man who broke the ice and said the words that everybody in the USA wanted to hear. The liberal leftist created Deep State and that is a huge embarrassment because the liberal political establishment works against the will of the nation. The leftist tried to stop every bill signed by our President, the leftist wants to stop the policy that the voters vouch for. Is this a democracy-is this a republic?
Judge Napolitano in his statement on Fox said wonderful and touching words. The President should be encouraged after hearing this video because the entire nation feels the same, and now is the time to protect the American values and save the country. Look what the Judge said- his words echo through history!
“The deep state has a very wise and shrewd adversary, the Man in the Oval Office. For the first time in the modern era, the Man in the Oval Office is an adversary of the Deep State and not a tool of it! “
The liberal beasts once again want to use the Deep State to destroy the human, democratic and civil rights of every American and sabotage the President. This happened many times through history, but the brave ones will be always remembered and adored by the nation. JFK and Lincoln died for those ideals. Those are holy ideals and many of our forefathers died defending the freedom and fighting for justice for the USA. Look what just Lincoln said in his last quotes before his assassination:
This is a shocking truth and the history repeats. In the end dear patriots, just for the record: Hillary and Bill Clinton both went to JESUIT University and were part of Jesuit sorority/house… And many other liberals…

Donald Trump is just a man from the people. He is a decent, religious man who represents the common American people who want justice. STOP THE ELITISTS – PROTECT THE PRESIDENT!


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