BREAKING: NFL Can’t Continue After Who Just Pulled The Plug On Entire League Before Weekend Games

The National Football League is struggling with their ratings after the fans decided to boycott.
Disappointed fans stopped attending games and denied watching the broadcast on the TV Networks.
The league is trying somehow to manage the situation, but things aren’t looking good.
Conservative Tribune reported: “According to Bloomberg, major investment bank JPMorgan Chase just gave a brutal outlook to the NFL and the networks that are carrying its games, singling out the anthem protests as one of the reasons the entities could be in serious trouble.
According to Bloomberg, analyst Shawn Quigg said investors should bet against CBS stock ahead of this week’s NFL matchups, arguing that more controversy could tank the stock.
‘The bank recommends buying an option that gives you the right to sell the shares at $57.50 on the likelihood that the stock will fall below that price after the company discloses ratings for the games,’ Quigg said in a note to investors. ‘CBS closed at $58 on Tuesday.’
‘NFL-related revenue is not trivial to CBS, and any decline in NFL viewership related to the national anthem debate may negatively affect future results,’ he added. ‘We view this weekend’s viewership results as a cleaner proxy in determining whether the anthem debate may be a larger issue for the NFL, and CBS, or not.’”
According to Freedom Daily, Shawn Quigg explained that he is aware what the American people think of the protest after he noticed the increased selling of Alejandro Villanueva’s jersey since he decided to stand during the anthem.
Quigg stated: “If one uses player jersey sales as a proxy, fans appear to favor an on-field standing presence during the anthem.” He believed that if the decrease of the ratings continues, then there is the possibility to “mobilize investors to take the potential impact more seriously.”
The NFL is denying the fact that the fans are disappointed and NFL officials are avoiding to listen to them. However, the league should start to obey their huge investors. If CBC decides to push the league to change their position, then there is a chance to bring the ratings up.
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