Billboard Pops Up Along Pennsylvania Highway Overnight, Trump-Haters Furious Over 8 Words

As Trump-haters drove along a Pennsylvania highway, they have been left furious over a billboard that popped up overnight. However, the sign’s simple 8-word message has resonated with American patriots nationwide.

President Donald Trump (left), a billboard erected by the owner of Maple Donuts in York, Pennsylvania, is seen on the side of the highway (right) (Photo Credit: WPMT FOX43/Twitter)
As professional athletes continue to kneel for the national anthem and liberals across the country wage “Not My President” protests, a Pennsylvania donut shop is sending a strong message about patriotism. Maple Donuts in York has erected a billboard along the highway which reads, “Maple Donuts Takes A Stand Not A Knee.” 

“We’re a very patriotic company. We fly the flag every day,” said Jim Nelson, a manager for Maple Donuts. “It just went right in line with our company values,” he said of the billboard, according to CDN.
Charlie Burnside, the owner of Maple Donuts, is not only a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and his nationalist message, but he is the descendant of immigrants, as well. Despite what the media and the left would like the public to believe, there are millions of people who have either immigrated to the U.S. legally or whose relatives have done so and do not believe Trump is a racist bigot for wanting to protect our borders.
And though the bakery welcomes all, its owner, Charlie Burnside, cited a very specific reason for this very public response.
Burnside, who began his career by selling bags of doughnuts from a bike for 20 cents, said he is the descendant of immigrants and was taught always to honor the nation that gave his ancestors opportunity. [Source: Western Journalism]
Maple Donuts’ patriotic message stands in stark contrast to other businesses like Penzeys Spices, whose CEO sent consumers a letter saying, “If you voted for Trump, we don’t want you as a customer.”
“In the aftermath of the election, seeing the intentional damage inflicted on so many outside the white heterosexual male world, we raised our voice. We felt we had to,” Bill Penzey, the CEO of the spice company wrote to customers after Trump was elected, according to The Washingon Times. “And while the reasons for why we took a stand might be specific to our unique outlook, what we learned actually applies to all commerce in the United States,” he continued.
“What we learned is that President-elect Donald Trump has no real support,” Penzeys Spices added. “Voters, sure, but no constituency. Running a campaign on ‘that horrible-terrible-woman who should be locked up,’ while at the same time working to raise fear of minorities among white voters with limited access to education, clearly achieved its goal. But none of it left Americans with any sense of connection to the candidate they actually voted for.”
It appears that this company was sorely out of touch with the values held by their customers, though, because one commented, “I am done shopping here. I do not come to a spice company for political advice. Any Penzeys store I have ever been in, are in white areas of the city and I have never been waited on in your stores by anyone other than white women, tired of this bullcrap.”
If you’re in the York area and would like to stop by to support Maple Donuts, the address is 3455 E Market St, York, Pennsylvania 17402. We need to give these patriotic shops all the support we can, so share the good news and head on over if you’re nearby!
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