Benghazi: Ambassador Stevens Final Words Revealed—They Will Haunt Hillary To Her Grave

The Benghazi attack may seem like a distant memory to some, but it is still an important event in our history.

The shocking lack of support from our government at the time is a stain on the Obama administration, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s already pathetic reputation.
A case is still pending for the terrorist behind the attack that saw the deaths of an American ambassador and several warriors. News has come out during recent testimony of Ambassador Stevens’ last word.
They were inspiring and powerful and damning for everyone that refused to help.
From Daily Wire:
Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans – U.S. State Department staffer Sean Smith and Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods – were murdered during a 13-hour terror attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that started on the night of September 11, 2012.
On Monday, giving testimony in Washington against terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala, who’s accused of orchestrating the attack on the consulate, Diplomatic Security Special Agent Scott Wickland, the ambassador’s bodyguard, revealed Stevens’ harrowing last words:
“When I die, you need to pick up my gun and keep fighting,” Stevens told Wickland.
In his testimony, Wickland admitted he didn’t know if he was going to survive the attack. He also described the heartbreaking moment he lost Stevens and U.S. State Department staffer Sean Smith.
Wickland said he saw Stevens and Smith crawling behind him as they searched for a bedroom with a window to escape out of. When he exited the window, he was alone.
Vomiting from the smoke and taking fire, Wickland climbed out of the room and pulled the ladder up.
“That’s when I knew [Stevens and Smith] were dead,” Wickland recalled.
The American embassy in Libya faced overwhelming odds. A coordinated attack from rebels and terrorists meant the deaths of everyone inside. Multiple requests for aid from U.S. forces, only short trips away in Europe, were ignored by our then President and his SoS.
Reports at the time indicate Hillary Clinton went home and went to bed, as our men overseas were being murdered.
Stevens’ final words reveal the intense danger he and his men faced. Yet he still persevered.
His incredible resolve, even in the face of certain death, showed he was a true American hero. And a fighter.
What a crime it was that he received so little support from his government. There were numerous troops ready to fly in and help, but they were told to stand down.
Yes Abu Khattala is on trial. He is the evil loser who worked to murder Americans. But those in government who refused to help are just as guilty.
Will they get their day in court?


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