As Hillary Starts Campaigning Again, Federal Judge Slaps Her Down With Worst News Yet

Hillary Clinton may think she’s in the free and clear for all the illegal and criminal things she’s done in the past, but that’s not the case. In fact, it seems that after promising the world she was done with politics, she’s begun to campaign yet again, but a Federal Judge just rained on her parade by slapping her down with the worst news yet – at least, for her.

Hillary Clinton (left), Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly (right) (Photo Credit: captiandonn and chuckroste/Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons)
With even Democrats wishing Hillary would just “shut the f*ck up” and “go away,” it seems that Hillary’s months-long whine-fest has finally come to an end. Although she tried to blame everyone she could in her stupid book, no one bought anything she said, and it has even caused her to come to terms with just how annoying she really is.
Proving just that was her recent promise to the public that she wouldn’t be running for president again. Although she promised to stay “active” in the political realm, everyone merely expected that she would just keep flapping her gums and leave the rest to the big boys.
Come to find out, that’s not the case as she’s effectively begun campaigning again. Fortunately for the entire country, it’s for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, as he’s trying to take a soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat, rather than yet another presidential run for herself.
Of course, it must be pretty close – and important – if Hillary has found it worth getting involved. Then again, why would you want a two-time loser to help you when they clearly don’t know how to win? Whatever the case may be, she’s involved, and Northam apparently appreciates the added attention.
Too bad for Hillary, it looks like there are other things brewing that may take precedence over her current choices. In fact, a Federal Judge has just come forward to slap Hillary down at the same exact time she decided to re-enter the political arena.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Federal Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly “will personally review, on camera, redacted material from Hillary Clinton’s emails during her time as Secretary of State.” For reasons unknown, Rex Tillerson’s State Department and Jeff Sessions’ DOJ is protecting Hillary Clinton by keeping her emails a secret – but not for long:
Judicial Watch announced today that a federal judge will personally review, in camera, redacted material from emails discussing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of iPads and iPhones during her tenure at the State Department. Judge Kollar-Kotelly also ordered the State Department to file an affidavit addressing why it should not have to search new Clinton emails recovered. In taking these steps, the court rejected arguments by the Tillerson State Department and its lawyers at the Sessions Justice Department.
The court will review the blacked-out information so as to better ascertain whether the government misconduct exception would require the release of the full emails.  Generally speaking, the government misconduct exception prevents government agencies from withholding information that would shed light on government wrongdoing under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). [Source: Judicial Watch]
Hillary’s little secret is about to come out, and things could finally be about to take a turn toward justice. There is no excuse for Hillary not to have been punished for her crimes – and it’s a shame that others, who did similar, were severely punished while she was allowed to go free.
Unfortunately for her, she may want to stop thinking about the future of others and start pondering her own. Then again, with any luck, she won’t have one as she’ll be locked in a cage for quite some time. Those “lock her up” chants are looking like they may be coming to fruition, and it’s about dang time. Thank goodness for the relentless efforts of Judicial Watch because it looks like America is about to get justice after being whored out by a selfish, evil woman.
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  1. Great News. Let’s act on that . Can you put her in Jail. Seems like Session is taking his time. I wounder why?

    1. I hope this is true. It's past time that this woman answers for her crimes. We can wish, anyway that this will happen.


  3. Just way pass the for her to be punished. And don't forget old lover - boy Bill. Her group of followers, who think she is "" wonderful" "are a bunch of poops who do not believe that she has done anything wrong are the real DEPLORABLE
    They just don't believe she can do wrong aside from all the evidence against her.

  4. It would be interesting if this liar (When we left the White House, were flat broke) winds up in jail. A unique situation would then exist. Would the prison guards be able to overrule her Secret Service bodyguards. She would surely be able to insult all the other inmates without fear of retribution. However, in reality, she would be sent to a "prison" like the one at Eglin AFB, FL. There are no fences, and the inmates, like a former Governor of Maryland, can have virtually unlimited visitors.


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