Another Russian Trail Has Been Discovered – Guess Where It Led? Not To President Trump – But To…

You will never guess who this Russian trail led to!
In fact, the media are so in love with the wild leftist named Maxine Waters from California, that they’ve totally ignored the Russian ties she has from the Worker’s World Party, an aggressive left-wing group that basically support almost all of America’s enemies.
Maxine Waters has directed her attention back at Donald Trump.
During an interview with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield, Waters spoke about Trump’s inability at being President, as well as how she wants him to be impeached.
As reported by The Blaze:
“for all of Waters’ finger pointing at Republicans and the Trump administration for having connections to Russia, Waters has some quiet ties of her own. This comes in the form of her relationship with the pro-Russian, anti-American communist group known as the Workers World Party.”
Back in 2005, Waters sent her assistant April Lawrence to the party’s “Peace Conference” where Lawrence addressed the participants on the topic of social justice.
Not long ago, in 2009, the Congresswoman was a speaker at an event arranged by the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, a group whose board of members includes Abayomi Azikiwe, an organizer for the Workers World Party. Azikiwe also chaired the event.
Maxine Waters is a tried and true Communist through and through:
In 2009, Waters told the CEO of Shell Oil John Hofmeister that she wanted the government to take over and run their companies. Waters told Hofmeister that she wanted to “socialize” before catching herself, and taking a moment to rethink her statement before saying “basically taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”
Watch the video of Water’s incriminating statement below:

It’s proven here, above and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Maxine Waters is definitely a hypocritical left-wing supporter, and her posturing to have President Trump criticized just makes her an insane hyper-hypocrite who needs to be thrown out of office!


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