After De Niro Screams At Crowd ‘Arrest Trump Now,’ His ‘Illegal Dirty Secret’ Gets Exposed

Robert De Niro has become unhinged over Donald Trump’s presidency, and just last Friday, as the aging actor found himself addressing the Global Citizen Forum in Montenegro, he descended into a mad tirade on the 45th president. As if out of nowhere and totally off topic, De Niro screamed at the crowd to “arrest Trump now,” acting like he actually had the power to do so. Well, that’s rich coming from De Niro as his “illegal dirty secret” gets exposed.

Robert De Niro (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Mikhail Palinchak\TASS via Getty Images)
Robert De Niro’s “god complex” has been in overdrive ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president. The 74-year-old actor, known for his “tough guy” roles as a Mafioso, might have sunk in too deep as he lashes out at the president almost every time he holds a mic.
This time, we find De Niro at the left wing climate change conference called the Global Citizen Forum, where he blamed Trump for a variety of strange things. “In my country, we have an administration that totally is not being helpful,” said De Niro as reported by Yahoo News. “We have a leader who’s not leading, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.”
Getting worked up, he raised his voice in a scream, “The sooner he can be either impeached or just not, you know—I can’t imagine him going for another three years, but whatever, or maybe he’ll be arrested and put in jail, but whatever.” Yeah, “whatever.”  The “Godfather II” star is maybe confusing his reach since innocent people usually don’t find themselves in jail, or maybe he was mixing Donald Trump up with his rival Hillary Clinton or De Niro’s good friend Harvey Weinstein.
Whatever is going on in his twisted mind, De Niro is finding himself in the middle of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. As Mad World News previously reported, Bobby De Niro has a lot of explaining to do. De Niro owns several swanky restaurants, one of which is called the Tribeca Grill, which has been linked to the Weinstein accusations.
Waitress Jade Bukowski worked for De Niro at Tribeca Grill from July 2016 to January 2017, and she has now revealed that it was De Niro who was acting as a pimp, providing Harvey Weinstein after-hours access to the Tribeca Grill. As the police continue to investigate, De Niro’s “alleged” aiding of Weinstein is criminal.
It looks like if anyone is headed toward prison, it’s Bobby De Niro. Weinstein used the Tribeca Grill as the place where he would lure young actresses looking to make it big in Hollywood, and once there, he would force them to do sex acts. Of course, De Niro knew, but that’s not all.
De Niro was also caught blaming Trump at the Global Citizen Forum for the hurricanes that ravaged the Carribean. However, yet another one of De Niro’s dirty secrets is his real motive behind his “concern” over alleged climate change when it comes to the Carribean. Recent reports on De Niro paint him as a humanitarian running to the United Nations in the aftermath of the hurricanes and selflessly requesting funding, which would come from the United States taxpayers, to re-build a certain island named Barbuda. De Niro went on an impassioned plea for the “poor Black people”  who inhabit the island. The only problem is De Niro is the biggest Barbuda landowner, and his luxury hotel there was leveled.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, “De Niro recalled Barbuda as an ‘unspoiled beauty, a paradise found’ on his first visit many years ago. Now, he said, ‘we have a humanitarian crisis, an entire island destroyed.’ De Niro told the meeting: ‘We must act together to help the most vulnerable. The recovery process will be a long, hard road. … Working together with all of you, Barbuda can rise to be stronger and be more resilient.”‘
Except, nowhere does he reveal the “unspoiled beauty, a paradise found” is his private money making scheme called “Paradise Lost Resort,” which just got destroyed. Yet, he has the audacity to tell President Trump “f*ck you” and call for his arrest. A patriot De Niro is not. A slimy leftist nutjob he certainly is, and Americans are fed-up with his shenanigans. His “dark dirty secrets” are out and in the light. He is a greedy, disgruntled, entitled, aging actor who might find himself arrested before too long.
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