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“I Don’t Give A Damn Whose Careers Are Ruined” – Look Trey Gowdy Go After Lynch and Clinton

Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to properly manage her emails and she should have been in prison for it. She broke the law and got Former FBI Director James Comey to rewrite the law to let her off the hook. Andrew C. McCarthy wrote a great article about it when that controversy was developing. In addition, before he even interviewed Hilary, Director Comey had already started writing his letter exonerating her. From Fox News: The FBI released documents Monday proving former FBI Director James Comey began drafting a letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation months before conducting several key interviews, including speaking to Clinton herself. The document release was titled “Drafts of Director Comeys July 5, 2016 Statement Regarding Email Server Investigation Part 01 of 01.” The contents of the email were largely unclear as nearly all of it was redacted. The now-public records show the email titled “Midyear Exam — UNCLASSIFIED” was sent by Comey on May 2, 2016, to Deputy Dire…

POLL: Do you support Trump’s plan to cut off Billions of dollars to Sanctuary Cities?

POLL:  Do you support Trump’s plan to cut off Billions of dollars to Sanctuary Cities? Read the article, watch the video  and then vote below. President Trump appears to be escalating the war with sanctuary cities, giving the most blunt warning yet of what is to come. Whereas the media and most of the establishment at one time dismissed such talk as mere bluster by Trump, they have no illusions any longer.  Trump promised Americans that he would enforce immigration law, and there is no more important a symbol of the defiant pro-illegal immigrant left than sanctuary cities.  Trump knows that most of these cities will fight hard to evade federal law.  This is a winner take all struggle, but in this case, Trump has the upper hand.  From Fox: In the Trump administration’s most pointed warning yet, Sessions said federal law allows withholding of federal funding to sanctuary cities, and signaled that such measures will soon be taken. Sessions, who took the podium at White House Press Secre…


It’s exactly what the title of this article sounds like, and we couldn’t make this crap up if we tried. The same people who told Republicans to “stop whining” when Obama was in office prove themselves to be the absolute whiniest group of people to walk the earth.Many of Hollywood’s elite are threatening to go on strike in protest of our President. This rumor began circulating as soon as Trump was elected President of the United States, but these idiots continue to push the matter. Our message to them, DO IT. We don’t need jerks like you in Hollywood anyway. The fact that people like Rosie O’Donnell think that the movie and television industry wouldn’t survive without them proves just how ignorant they really are. Watch one news network’s story on the matter: Mike Opelka called out the rich actors and directors who were threatening the strike, warning them of the damage this strike would cause to everyone else in the industry. He mentioned the lower paid support staff who do all of the b…

SECONDS AGO Robert Mueller Charged Two People Close To Trump, Look Who It Is

These are the first charges of the Mueller investigation. Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates were told to surrender to the feds this morning, according to NY Times. The charges were brought against Mr. Manafort, former campaign chairman of Trump and Mr. Gates a business associated of Manafort. Manafort has been under investigation for violations of tax law, money laundering, and his foreign lobbying. He is a dirty guy. Mr. Gates is a junior partner of Manafort and is listed on documents that show Manafort’s firm receiving payments from people in Eastern Europe via Cyprus.
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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Confirms Trump Was Wiretapped At Trump Tower! October 29, 2017

They were arguably Donald Trump's most striking claims to date: a series of tweets, accusing then-President Barack Obama of wire-tapping Trump Tower during the election. They were not backed up by any evidence, and Mr Obama's spokesman and former US intelligence chief James Clapper denied that any wiretap had been ordered. President Trump urged Congress to investigate, alongside its current investigations into allegations of Russian hacking during the election. But still no evidence has emerged. What does the FBI say?
FBI Director James Comey for the first time on Monday confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee that the agency is investigating possible links between Russia and Mr Trump's associates as part of a broader inquiry into Moscow's interference in last year's election. He also disputed Mr Trump's wiretapping claims. "With respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no inf…

Watch: Gold Star Family Walked Out of NFL Game and Pissed off Every Racist Player With What They Left Behing

A Gold Star family just left a harrowing message to all NFL protesting players, racist or not, and the message reminds us why everyone in the country should always stand for the National Anthem. The protests of the American flag are out of hand, inappropriate, disrespectful, and people don’t want to hear or see it anymore. The fans are tired of it, the league probably secretly dislikes it. From players taking a knee or raising the racist black power fist during football games, the NFL has suffered a horrible decline in fan approval. You can’t go anywhere in person or on social media without seeing people express their thoughts and emotions about how disappointed and disgraced they are about the current state of football how the players are ruining it by injecting their shoddy political beliefs into the game. The players claim it’s their platform to speak their voices, but it’s the wrong platform and the wrong message.
Now we have a Gold Star family walking out of an NFL game after the…

BREAKING: NFL Can’t Continue After Who Just Pulled The Plug On Entire League Before Weekend Games

The National Football League is struggling with their ratings after the fans decided to boycott. Disappointed fans stopped attending games and denied watching the broadcast on the TV Networks. The league is trying somehow to manage the situation, but things aren’t looking good. Conservative Tribune reported: “According to Bloomberg, major investment bank JPMorgan Chase just gave a brutal outlook to the NFL and the networks that are carrying its games, singling out the anthem protests as one of the reasons the entities could be in serious trouble. According to Bloomberg, analyst Shawn Quigg said investors should bet against CBS stock ahead of this week’s NFL matchups, arguing that more controversy could tank the stock. ‘The bank recommends buying an option that gives you the right to sell the shares at $57.50 on the likelihood that the stock will fall below that price after the company discloses ratings for the games,’ Quigg said in a note to investors. ‘CBS closed at $58 on Tuesday.’ …

After WH Petition to Declare George Soros a Terrorist Is Launched, This Happens Immediately

A petition to the White House calling for Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros to be declared a ‘terrorist’ has garnered more than 140,000 signatures, far exceeding the 100,000 needed to require an official response from the administration. The petition, which also calls on the government to seize all of Soros’ assets, argues the billionaire “has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition” against the United States. Also that he “has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government.”
Undue influence Whatever about the “terrorist” part, it is at least true that Soros maintains an unhealthy influence over the Democratic Party, as well as political systems around the world besides the United States. Soros was Hillary Clinton’s top donor in the 2016 election and has for decades used his vast wealth to influence politics, stir discontent and profit off chaos …

Ben Carson Sets Internet On Fire, Says The One Thing That Will Shame Liberals Forever

Ben Carson just hit back hard at his liberal critics. Hard. And there are a lot of them. Because the left is a jealous. Of Ben’s success, of his story, of his past – everything because Ben destroys the phony narrative that the Democrats have been crafting behind the nanny state. Ben is opposed to it because he, unlike Nancy Pelosi, knows what the heck he is talking about. He lived through some tough times and in some rough places and he knows what it takes to come out the other side intact. When he was named Housing and Urban Development Secretary by Trump the left went nuts. Said how could Trump pick Ben for such an important position. They asked what his qualifications were but Ben just stayed quiet and went about the business of transforming that failed agency with a dose of good American ingenuity. According to the Free Beacon, Ben was speaking at the Hill’s Newsmaker Series event when he was asked about the hardest part of his new position. “What were some of the obstacles that …

Kneeling Saints Players Were Warned but Didn’t Listen… Just Woke Up to BAD NEWS

Over the past few weeks, hundreds of NFL players have been taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against President Donald Trump and racial inequality. One team that participated in this was the New Orleans Saints, but it just came back to bite them in a huge way.

Freedom Daily reported that Lousiana State Rep. Kenny Havard was infuriated by this, so he decided to send a brutal message to the Saints. “The very reason (the Saints) have the privilege and opportunity to play professional football while being paid millions is because someone in uniform died protecting their right to do so,” Havard said, after announcing a devastating cut he’s proposing. “Louisiana State Rep. Kenny Havard, R-St. Francisville, said Monday morning that he wants to cut millions in state tax dollars, exemptions, and credits allocated to the New Orleans Saints, the NFL and any of those groups’ associated facilities that receive funding,” The Advocate reported. “Havard’s statement didn’t specify the…