NFL Thugs Refuse To Stand For Anthem, So Louisiana Restaurant Refuses Something Of Theirs

After Colin Kaepernick’s protest against the National Anthem last year, several NFL thugs decided that they feel the same way and need to make a statement. However, after some members of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints decided to remain seated over the weekend – a local restaurant decided to fight back and refuse something of theirs.

There are two things citizens of our country should show immense respect for; namely, the American flag and the National Anthem. Unfortunately, there are too many entitled leftists in this nation who believe their right to broadcast their opinion matters more than the respect they should be giving. However, things aren’t going as planned for many of them.

In fact, when several members of the Louisiana Saints NFL team decided to protest by kneeling for the National Anthem, they thought they had successfully joined in the chaos and made a statement that would garner them their 15 minutes of fame. However, one local restaurant, WOW Cafe & Wingery, had enough and decided to fight back against the blatant disrespect their football players were showing and decided to refuse something the players hold dear.
We all know that many of these NFL thugs are as selfish and greedy as they come. They get paid far more than the rest of us, just to show up and play a game. In fact, the restaurant knows that they all are overpaid players who need to get knocked back to reality. In one swift announcement, the restaurant did just that by refusing to play their live game on their television.
“I apologize to all of our guests but we will not be viewing the Saints game today in house,” the Louisiana restaurant wrote on their Facebook page. “Some of our local players chose to sit during the National Anthem, which will not be supported or praised at WOW. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you”

Lindsey Manasco, a manager at the restaurant, is fed up with the disrespect shown across our country. She announced that not only would they not be showing Sunday’s game, but future games were off the table too if players continued to kneel. “We want to support them, but if they kneel or sit, we are not going to show the game,” she boldly declared, according to Rare.
Of course, wingbat liberals were absolutely infuriated over the announcement and weren’t afraid to let the restaurant know it. “So y’all dumb a**es rather lose money and probably around 40 percent of your yearly revenue (football season) because someone stood up for what they believe in by way of a peaceful protest?!” one outraged leftist wrote. While many others resorted to insults, such as, “Your wings suck anyway.”
However, many more people applauded their action. “We chose to no longer spend our money on anything related to the NFL again, ever. However, we will be frequenting your restaurant. BRAVO,” one user wrote, while another said, “I’m with you (on) that. Proud of my St. Bernard WOW save me a table on Sundays I will be eating there on Sundays.” Another hit the point home when they said, “Thank you for your support of our country and those who serve and have served to protect and defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.”
No one is saying they don’t have the right to express their opinions, although no one else would get away with a political protest at work. We’re upset over the amount of disrespect they are showing by kneeling and expressing ours. They should be thankful for the opportunities that America has provided for them to earn so much money, live lavish lives, have fun, all while playing a game they’ve played since they were kids.
People have died for them to do that, and the only thing we ask in return is for people to have respect for their sacrifice. That’s what the National Anthem represents, and the fact that they’re kneeling is a slap right in the face of those who have served or are currently serving. Thankfully, public places like WOW Cafe & Wingery are starting to fight back. NFL teams have the right to protest, but their fans have the right to respond how they see fit.
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