Antifa Thug Who Torched Cop Car Acts Tough In Court, Judge Wrecks His World With 2 Words

After being videotaped torching an Oregon Police SUV on May 1, 2017, 23-year-old Damion Feller tried to hide from police until footage of his sickening crime went viral on the internet. Now, the Antifa thug who thought he was a tough guy is going to pay a heavy price after a fed-up judge wrecked his world with two words.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Feller actively participated in the violent Antifa riots on May 1, 2017, in Portland, Oregon, during which millions of dollars of property were destroyed and innocent people were hurt. Feller was recorded throwing a flare into a battered police SUV, and soon found himself arrested.

The incident which landed Feller in jail occurred at a Mayday protest in downtown Portland when a group of about 20 Antifa members gathered. Other protesters were there, and the protest was peaceful until the Antifa group arrived. Feller was obviously not there to conduct any kind of peaceful protest. The violent Antifa thugs vandalized property, set fires to buildings and the police cruiser, threw rocks at police officers, and even throw a can of Pepsi at a fire department medic.
Feller was reportedly arrested two days later after being recognized by officers in a surveillance video. Police arrested 25 people on the evening of May 1st. In the viral clip, Feller could be seen throwing a flare through a picture window at a Target store and also later throwing a flare into a Portland police cruiser. The Target window was already broken, but the cruiser’s window was not damaged when Feller torched it.

Violent protesters wearing masks and dressed all in black could be seen kicking and/or hitting the windows of the police cruiser seconds before Feller threw the flare inside. Portland police detectives showed Feller a photo of the person who threw one of the flares from surveillance video, and he told them, “I saw that online, and I knew I was f*cked.” Feller also told detectives that he feels his criminal behavior was spurned by his decision to follow the “mob mentality.”
According to OregonLive, Feller pleaded guilty in court on Monday, September 25, to first-degree arson, second-degree arson, riot, and first-degree criminal mischief. Now, his trial has come to an end as an Oregon judge gave him a huge reason to cry with just two words — five years. Although, Feller’s official sentencing announcement won’t be made until October. Also as a result of his guilty plea, Feller will not receive any additional prison time for federal charges, according to OregonLive, but this degenerate will go to prison for half a decade to think about what he did, and rightfully so.
After Feller was arrested, he blamed his actions on his homelessness, his daily use of marijuana, and what he said was an untreated bipolar disorder. The moment he decided to become a violent Antifa thug, Feller was entirely responsible for the consequences, no matter what list of excuses he came up with. Now, we just need the rest of his Antifa friends to be rounded up and prosecuted for their crimes. In my opinion, five years in prison isn’t enough for this punk, but at least it’s a start. However, he should have been sent away for at least ten years for torching a police vehicle, as well as made work off every penny of damage he caused.
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